About Us

It is Sadhguru's vision to offer this ancient science in all its purity and make it available to every individual. As a step towards realising this vision, Classical Hatha Yoga website is an initiative to provide the technical infrastructure for all independent Isha Hatha Yoga teachers to reach more people. This platform is not run or managed by Isha Foundation. Teachers on this platform are verified and have undergone an intensive 21-week teacher training program at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore and are licensed to impart Classical Hatha Yoga in its purest form to the world.

Our History

As all Isha Hatha Yoga teachers are trained to transmit yogic sciences with the same quality and sanctity, we soon realised there was a need to collaborate to bridge the gap between available programs and teachers across the country. As a result, a few alumni of Isha Hatha Yoga school came together in Bangalore to create the technical infrastructure needed for all teachers to collaborate. After 2 years of striving, we now have a platform where all Isha Hatha Yoga teachers in India can host and take Classical Hatha Yoga offerings to more people.


To bridge the gap between Aspirants, Teachers & Influencers to make Classical Hatha Yoga available to all.


To see a day when every individual in the world has been touched or has the right tools to transform their own interiority through
Classical Hatha Yoga.

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