Aug 14


6:15 am - 8:45 am

Surya Shakti – Hindi

Surya Shakti

“Fitness and Strength Building”

Surya Shakti is an active form of the Sun Salutation. It is an ancient yogic practice which is a powerful sequence of 18 postures. It is designed as a holistic process for great physical fitness. “Surya” means “Sun,” and “Shakti” means “energy”. Surya Shakti cultivates great physical fitness and strength.

Practice Benefits
Strengthens the Heart
Boosts Vigor and Vitality
Improves Immunity
Tones the Digestive System
Corrects Hormonal Imbalances
Builds Muscle Strength
Provides Aerobic Exercise

Program Schedule:

One Session module of Surya Shakti is for those who have done Surya Kriya before.

Program requirements:

  • Suitable for anyone who is 14yrs +
  • Pre-registration mandatory
  • No experience of yoga necessary
  • No refund after registration, You can attend same program in future without any extra fee
  • Please bring your own yoga mat
  • Please maintain an empty stomach condition before the class. (4 hours gap after full meal, 2.5 hours after light snack & 1.5 hours after a beverage

Covid 19 Guidelines:

  • These sessions are hosted in small groups. If you have any travel history in the recent 14 days before the session, please let the teacher know before registering.
  • If you have any symptoms of flu or cold, please avoid registering for the session.
  • Your body temperature will be checked before entering the hall and you will be allowed only if there is no signs of fever or cold.
  • Please carry a face mask.


Rajya Anand Sansthan Board Office - Bhopal
Rajya Anand Sansthan, behind एफबीबी-भोपाल- डीबी मॉल, Zone-I, Shivaji Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Surya Shakti
Ram Sahu


Ram Sahu

Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher